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Tiny Dachshund Wins Epic Tug-Of-War Battle

You Won’t Believe Who He Beat!

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes. I’m always surprised when my little Lhasa Apso walks right up to a dog 5 times his size and barks relentlessly. He’s even made a bigger dog shake in fear! It seems that most small dogs are not intimidated by their bigger counterparts.¬†They just jump right into anything their bigger brothers are doing. Take the

Take this Dachshund in the following video for example. Dachshunds are generally small in size and are even referred to as “hot dogs”. So what happens when this little dog takes on two Bernese Mountain dogs in a tug-of-war battle? The result may surprise you.

See how this battle plays out below and be sure to pass this along to all of your friends who have a confident small dog in their home.



Source: Tiny Dachshund wins epic tug-of-war battle against two Bernese Mountain dogs by biffy101 on Rumble

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