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Surprising And Secret Ways Your Dog Shows They Care About You

Surprising Ways Dogs Show They Care

Have you ever wanted to know what your dog was thinking? It would be nice to know what is going through your pup’s mind when they are barking at the broom while you are sweeping or rolling around on the carpet after a brisk walk. While we may never know the answers to these questions, there are some ways to tell if your dog cares about you.

There are new developments in the science of dog communication that can help us determine how our dogs feel about us. Studies have found that dogs have enhanced physical senses. Combined with a long history of companionship with humans, dogs have developed unique ways to express their emotions for us.

While these signs may not always be obvious, they are present and you should be aware of them.

Check out the signs below

By Elyse Wanshel


1. Staring directly into your eyes.

1. Staring directly into your eyes.

LittleThings / Maya Borenstein

On a 60 Minutes segment, Anderson Cooper met with Brian Hare, a well-known dog expert, to discuss how dogs express love. According to Hare, when your dog looks you in the eye, he is “hugging you with his eyes.”

When a dog looks at you while the two of you are playing with one another or just cuddling, oxytocin is released. It’s the same hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies. If you want to test this out with your dog, don’t go home and a have a staring contest with your pooch. He will sense something is off, and look away because he feels awkward.

Instead, try to naturally maintain eye contact with him during your normal routines and see how he responds.

2. Leaning on you.

3. Leaning on you.

LittleThings / Maya Borenstein

The song “Lean on Me” is all about offering support and dogs crave that same kind of security.

Sometimes a dog will lean on a human because he is anxious, wants you to do something, or take him somewhere. But leaning is also a symbol of affection.

Even if your dog is leaning on you out of pure nervousness, he is still doing it because he thinks of you as someone who can protect him and keep him safe.


3. Lifting and wiggling eyebrows.

5. Lifting and wiggling eyebrows.

LittleThings / Maya Borenstein

We think we can read a dog by its tail, but its facial expressions are a way more powerful indicator.

In a recent study in Japan, dogs were introduced to their parent, a stranger, a dog toy, and an item they didn’t like.

When seeing their parent, the dogs immediately lifted their eyebrows (especially their left), and when they saw a stranger there was a lot less facial movement, except for movement of the right brow.

Yet, when they saw an item they knew and had bonded with, the dogs shifted their left ear back. But if it was an item they didn’t like, their right ear shifted. According to the study, this suggests the dog is more reserved when they are engaging someone they don’t know or something they disapprove of.

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