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So Who Is In Control Here? Cats Or Humans?

Shocking Video Shows Who Is In Command

Cats remind me of the boss I never had. If they do not approve of something (and this is often) they will let you know about it. If you are not paying attention to them when they are trying to get your attention, you’d better watch out. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is, midnight? I need food and won’t let you sleep another wink until I’m satisfied. Lock the door? No problem, I will scratch away at it until you give in!

So this begs the question, who is really in control here? Cats or us? Based on my experience, the cats have a pretty good idea on who is the true boss of the house.

The following video explores this in further detail.  These cats show who is in control as they train there human counterparts on how to serve and love them. My favorite is the kitty that takes the glasses right off her owner to get her attention.

See the video below and be sure to share this with all of  your cat owner friends out there as I would love to hear their thoughts on this topic.


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