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Cat Steals Puppy’s Bed, Dog’s Reaction Will Surprise You

This Puppy Wanted His Bed Back!

Being a puppy can be a blast! They have all kinds of energy, they love to play, and they enjoy lots of attention. But there are times where being the youngest pet in the household can not be the best option. Especially when your roommate is an older more experienced kitty.

Cats tend to be the boss of the house, and this is, even more, the case when they are the first pet in the house. When new members of the family come home, cats tend to show their new housemates who are in control.

Take the kitty in the following video. This puppy wanted to get some sleep in his bed. The cat, seeing an opportunity to teach the puppy a lesson, takes ownership of the bed. What happens next shows how this kitty feels about this puppies need to have his bed back.

See the video below and be sure to share it with all of your friends who could use some laughter in their day.



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