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This Person Draws Pet Portraits Inspired By What Their Owners Think Of Them

These Portraits Are Amazing!

Every pet owner knows their cat or dog has a personality of its own. Some are funny, others are smart, some are caring, and others would rather be left alone. What if you could capture the personality of your dog in a way that you would not forget. A way that constantly reminds you why you brought your pet home into your life. Well, the artist in the following article has found a way to capture this in a very creative way.

The following article features illustrated portraits of pets as told by their owners. The artist captured these personalities in an amazing fashion.

See the illustrations below and pass this along to all of the pet lovers in your life.


by Chris Beetow

Over the past few years I’ve created hundreds of illustrated portraits of pets based on what their owners write about them. Here are some I’d like to share!

Baby Man, lives in Cali but his soul is all Bronx

Sammi, food obsessed and always dirty

King, the most flamboyant of all cats

Tony is Mr. Cool and Torque is always hungry

Gunner is a pup who digs and digs and digs

Smithers, trying to change his life and not be such a fradie cat

Oliver, the laziest cat on the planet

Henry, fails at all diets

Jack, he is the protector of all

Kida was one in a million, utterly bonkers

Chance is totally zen

See the full article from BoredPanda here.

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