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Nepal Festival Thanks Dogs For Being Our Friends

What Nepal Does For Dogs Is Truly Special

Dogs make wonderful pets. Over the years they become part of the family and your closest loyal friends.

It would be nice to have a day where we can give thanks to these amazing creatures. Well there is such a day in Nepal. Each year, Nepal has a festival that is dedicated to thanking our loyal furry friends for their companionship. Named Kukor Tihar.

Check out the article and images below to learn more about this special day


There is an entire day during a festival in Nepal dedicated solely to thanking dogs for their loyalty and friendship.

Specific to Nepal, there is a day during this celebration dedicated to all the Dogs, called Kukur Tihar, specifically to thank our 4-legged companions for always being our loyal friends.


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Tihar is a five day Hindu festival, but the second day is reserved for our loyal companions.

It is called Kukur Tihar or Kukur Puja (worship of the dogs).

People offer garlands, tika (a mark worn on the forehead), and delicious food to dogs, and acknowledge the cherished relationship between humans and dogs.


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The images honoring these animals are truly breathtaking.


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With red powder, the dogs are marked on their foreheads as a sign of sacredness.

I really love this.

What to your think? Should we have a day like this in the United States? Leave us your comments below.

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