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Meet Venus, The Two-Faced Cat That Will Shock You!

This Is One Amazing-Looking Kitty!

We all believe that our kitty is the most interesting and beautiful kitty in the whole wide world. And why shouldn’t you think that? After all, your kitty is the center of your life and you spend most of your time with each other. However, there is something to be said for a cat with “two faces”

Meet Venus, a Chimera cat that has an amazing looking face! This adorable kitty appears to have two different faces molded into one, complete with two different colored eyes!

The following article dives into the life of this amazing creature sharing some beautiful photos for your enjoyment.

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According to the official Facebook page for Venus, which, at the time of this publication, has more than 180,000 “likes,” Venus ”says” (in the words of her owner), “I was found a stray on a dairy farm in North Carolina and because of one of my Mommy’s friends posting cute pics of me in 2009, Mommy wanted me, so a few days later I was part of a new family and started sleeping in the big comfy bed from the first night. I have been living a constant vacation ever since.”

We’re also sharing some pics of Venus here: just take a look at this face! And those eyes!



This little munchkin seems to know she’s unique! Just look at this pose.


Lead image source: Venus’s Page


See the full article from One Green Planet here


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