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Meet Bonsai, The Half-Bulldog

This Amazing Puppy’s Story Will Melt Your Heart

We all love puppies. I mean what is there not to like? They are cute, adorable, and a joy to be around. We also love feel-good stories about animals that come back from something tragic to enjoy life to the best of their ability. Well, what happens when you combine a story that is about a puppy and is feel-good? A heart-warming video!

Meet Bonsai, an English Bulldog born with multiple deformities. This poor pup only has half of his spine, no pelvis, and rear legs that are malformed. However, this little guy is a trooper and he is making the best of what he has.

See this amazing puppy’s video below and be sure to share this with your friends who could use some motivation in their lives. If this puppy can enjoy life, anyone can! 

To follow this amazing puppy, check out his Facebook page at…


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