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Man Builds ‘Dog Train’ For Rescued Pups

Look At What This Man Built For Rescue Dogs

By My animal news staff

We love reading about these kind of stories. Meet Eugene Bostick, a retired Fort Worth native, whose compassion for dogs is hard to match. Eugene, whose farm has taken in countless abandoned dogs over the years, not only has taken care of these animals, he found an unbelievable way to keep them entertained as well.

Check out this amazing story of compassion for man’s best friend. 

By Stephen Messenger – Eugene Bostick may have officially retired about 15 years ago, but in some ways that was when his most impactful work began.

The lively 80-year-old Fort Worth, Texas, native says he never planned on dedicating his golden years to helping needy pets. Instead, it was a duty thrust upon him by the heartlessness of others.

Over the years, Bostick has taken in countless abandoned dogs. But more than just keeping them safe, he’s found an adorable way to keep them happy, too.

“One day I was out and I seen this guy with a tractor who attached these carts to pull rocks. I thought, ‘Dang, that would do for a dog train,'” said Bostick. “I’m a pretty good welder, so I took these plastic barrels with holes cut in them, and put wheels under them and tied them together.”

And with that, the dog train was born.

Once or twice a week now, Bostick and the nine dogs currently under his care can be seen puttering down quiet streets around town or through the forest near their home, or stopping by a local creek for some fresh air in the custom dog train.

The dog train has come to attract a fair share of attention among locals who occasionally stop to ask if they can take a few pictures. But for Bostick, it’s all about bringing a bit of joy to a handful of dogs who had been through so much before finding themselves as his cheerful passengers.


What do you think of Eugene and his dog train? Leave your comments below.

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