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Why This Hospital Is Now Allowing Pets To Visit Patients

Program Enables Those Seriously Ill Time With Their Beloved Pets

For those that love dogs, there is no better feeling then being loved by our furry friends when we walk through the door after a long day away from home. For those people who become seriously ill and end up in the hospital, this feeling may never come again. Hospitals do not allow pets to come and visit patients, which is sad when you think about it.

The good news is that things may be starting to change. A Canadian treatment center has adopted a program that allows dogs and cats to visit with their seriously ill owners.

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By Dina Fantegrossi

The Juravinski Hospital has adopted a program to allow dogs and cats to visit with their seriously ill owners, reducing stress and improving morale.

The program is the brain child of a remarkable young man named Zachary Noble and his aunt, Donna Jenkins. When Zachary was a patient of the Juravinski Hospital battling cancer, he begged to see his dogs. Although he passed away from the disease, his visits with the dogs always led to improvements in his condition and attitude. Jenkins is honoring Zachary and ensuring that his legacy lives on with her foundation, Zachary’s Paws for Healing.

Source: Zachary’s Paws for Healing

Together with hospital executives, medical staff and infection control, Zachary’s Paws for Healing has become the first organization in Canada to provide hospitalized patients with visits from companion animals.

Source: Zachary’s Paws for Healing

So far, 25 visits have taken place between Intensive Care patients and their pets. Before each visit, the animals are thoroughly cleaned so as not to introduce harmful germs into the hospital.

Jenkins is thrilled with the momentum the Zachary’s Paws for Healing program has gained and hopes to see it spread to other hospitals.

Hospital Dog
Source: Saturday Evening Post

Some patients have refused life-saving therapies because of a lack of caregivers for their pets. Zachary’s Paws for Healing hopes to alleviate this concern so that patients can concentrate on getting well.

Source: Zachary’s Paws for Healing

To donate to Zachary’s cause or find out more about the program, visit

H/T to I Heart Dogs
Featured image via Zachary’s Paws for Healing

It’s great to see hospitals are beginning to allow pet visits. What are your thoughts on allowing pets to visit patients? Share your comments below!

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