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What Happens When You Mix Little Babies With Big Dogs?

These Dogs Show Size Doesn’t Matter

We’ve all heard the saying “Size doesn’t matter”. No matter what size you are, you can always impact the lives of others around you. And this doesn’t only apply to humans, but also to dogs. The smallest of dogs can be the fiercest, while the biggest can also be the friendliest. When you mix small and big together, remarkable things can happen.

The following are photos of some pretty big dogs with little babies. What happens when you pair them together?

See the photos below:


German shepherd and baby
Just don’t get up and shake.

2. Lion dog shall protect tiny creature

Huge fluffy dog with baby

3. To get to this small human, you must first go through me

great dane with baby
She thinks it’s a pony.

4. Are you a reindeer?

Big dog and baby in front of Christmas tree
Ask your parents.

7. Who needs stuffed animals when you’ve got a humongous floof?

big black dog and baby
Think I lost my binky in there.

9. I shall go slow for you, mini human

baby walking huge dog
Big dogs are patient.

10. Besties fur-everz

big dog snuggling with baby
Frame this one.

11. I shall tolerate it because it is precious

baby and big dog jowls
Bald, but precious.

 Pretty amazing that these dogs know when they are around little ones and can behave so well. Do you have any photos of your giant dog with a tiny baby? We would love to see them! Share your comments below!
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