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Funny Cats Scared Of Random Things

What Scares These Cats May Surprise You

Do you ever wonder what is actually going on inside a cat’s head? The guys at Pixar probably got it right in the Disney movie Inside Out. In the movie, that cat is just standing there when fear comes over him for no apparent reason whatsoever and the cat just freaks out. Cats have a mind of their own and what scares them at times will make you scratch your head. Are they seeing something that we just don’t see? Maybe they are seeing things in a different dimension than we are. Or maybe they are just plain old crazy! 

Whatever the case may be, the following video showcases cats that are afraid of random things. From socks to fax machines, these cats get spooked by some pretty odd things.

See the video below and share this with all of the cat lovers in your life.



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