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Dogs Are Strange Animals

Here Are Some Weird Things That Dogs Do

Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet. They can be smart one minute and totally off the radar the next. But there are times, when dogs do the weirdest things.

In this article, Elaina Wahl shows some of the weirder things dogs do as supplied to her by the local community.

Check out the article below and see if you can relate to any of these

By Elaina Wahl

1. The High-Maintenance Pup

22 Really Weird Things Dogs Actually Do

My labradoodle will fight his way into the bathroom in the morning to be blow-dried. I have to let him in, otherwise he whines like he’s been set on fire. Then he demands a blow-dry treatment. He freaking LOVES it.

—Kelsey Worstell, Facebook

2. The Hair Licker

My poodle/bichon mix Luna will whine and bark at me if I don’t pick her up right when I get out of the shower and allow her to lick the water out of my hair! We now have a routine of her waiting outside the shower for me to finish, then she jumps up into my arms so she can basically drink my hair.

—Regina Villano Heffler, Facebook

3. The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

—Holly Morse Johanknecht, Facebook

4. BBQ Sauce

My bichon barks at barbecue sauce. In or out of the bottle. No other condiments. Just barbecue sauce.


5. Grey’s Anatomy

22 Really Weird Things Dogs Actually Do

My dog HAS to run around the house every time he hears the Grey’s Anatomy theme song. He will wake up from the dead of sleep, stop eating, drop whatever he is chewing on, just to run around in circles to that song. I still have no idea why.

—Heather Carter, Facebook

6. Chores Can Be Fun!

My dog Riley goes completely crazy every time we take the trash out. She can be sound asleep in the other room and the second we pull the trash bag out of the trash can, she loses it and starts barking and running around in circles like it’s the most amazing thing she’s ever seen.

—Marisa Kahla, Facebook

7. …Or Maybe Not

...Or Maybe Not

Thinkstock / RyanRothermund


8. Everything Has Its Place

Every time I try to put my lab’s toys in her toy bin, she will immediately take them out and drag them to their “designated” spot in the house. She won’t even play with them, she’ll just grab one after the other and put them in specific spots each time.


9. Hide & Seek

My dog gets in the bathtub when she is feeling silly. She doesn’t even like baths, but she likes hiding behind the shower curtain and barking until I “find” her.


10. Poopin’ on Hills

My dog, when she was a puppy, would only poop on hills. That was so she could look over her shoulder and watch it roll down the hill. Luckily she grew out of that behavior!


11. Bedtime Rituals

Does your dog do any of these? Or do you have a pet that does any of these? Share your pet’s weirdness with us below.

Check out the full article from BuzzFeed here.


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