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Couple Documents How Quickly Their German Shepherd Puppy Grows

It’s Amazing How Fast They Grow!

We all know that dogs age faster than humans, but I’m still surprised to see how fast my they can grow from little puppies to full-grown pooches. Alex Dennison and Ashley Lewis adopted a German Shepherd puppy at 8 weeks old and were in complete denial that it could grow so fast.

The couple decided to document Nasra’s growth and upload occasional photos to Reddit, It didn’t take long for their submissions to go viral.

Alex and Ashley have since uploaded photos portraying their pup’s growth from 8 weeks to 8 months. The resulting photos were quite impressive!

See how fast their pup has grown… you won’t believe your eyes!


8 months old!


Full Time Lapse:

The happy couple with their giant dog

german-shepherd-photo-series-nine-month-alex-dennison-ashley-lewis-12Photo Credits: gsdwarmachine

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