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This Cat Was Sharing In The Wealth

This Kitty Was Being Super Helpful!

Cats and dogs can be sworn enemies or the best of friends,

You never know how the different species will interact with one another on any given day. There are days when my kitty will just walk up to my little pooch and swat him in the head for no reason. Then there are other days where they get along just fine. While cats and dogs usually have their own objectives in mind when they are hanging around the house, there are times when they can work together to achieve amazing results.

Take the cat and dog in the following video for example. This cat is doing it’s part in helping his counterpart get what he is looking for. You don’t want to miss this teamwork!

See how they work together below and be sure to share this with your friends who have cats and dogs under the same roof because you never know just what they will team up to accomplish.


Source: Sharing cat feeds family dogs

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