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A “Daycare” For Pandas

This Just May Be One Of the Cutest Places On Earth

Daycare is not just for humans. Pandas are becoming an endangered species as their population has been shrinking over the past few years. A research center in China is doing what it can to keep giant pandas from becoming extinct.

While this center resembles a daycare, it’s actually a breeding center and nursery. Each panda cub is something close to a miracle, since breeding pandas is very difficult to do. Females are known to be able to breed only 2-3 days per year and they can only give birth once every 2 years.

Check out the story of this amazing facility below and get lost in the cuteness of these pandas:

The Chengdu Research Base in China seems like it just might be one of the cutest places on earth – and it’s vitally important for the survival of the endangered giant pandas that we all love so much, too. This panda “daycare” is actually a specialized breeding center and nursery that seeks to breed new pandas to revitalize the dwindling wild population, which may be as small as 1,864.

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What an amazing place! What do you think of the panda “daycare”?

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