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7 Dogs Who Could Not Be Comfortable Like That

These Dogs Are In Some Weird Positions!

Dogs are fun-loving creatures that know how to have a good time. They are loyal, love to eat, and would play all day long if you let them! Dogs also like to take naps when they’ve had enough fun or after a long meal. Sometimes, dogs can fall asleep in the weirdest positions.

The following article presents images of dogs in positions that many would think are pretty uncomfortable. These dogs managed to sleep and seem comfortable in places and ways that you probably never want to experience.

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By: Lindsey Robertson

1. “I love my food so much, I have to sleep on it.”

Reddit: cocoapuff7

2. “Mrmmmf aeddff warmmmff.”

Reddit: JazRad

3. “Holding your butt in the air is good for circulation.”

Reddit: Poached_Polyps

4. “What? Are you saying I’m not beautiful?”

Reddit: jeffythunder

5. “A smooshed face is a comfy face.”

Reddit: axetheduck

6. “This is not a toilet, this is my personal headrest.”

Reddit: ImQueative

7. “If this coffee table isn’t a dog fort what could it POSSIBLY be used for?”

Reddit: ManFromMu

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