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5 Tricks That You Can Teach Your Cat

Start Training Your Cat These Simple Tricks Today!

We all know that you can teach a dog tricks. But did you know you can also do the same with cats? Believe it or not cats are very trainable creatures. Like dogs, if you present your favorite feline with a treat and ask them to do something for it, you may be plesently surprised.

The following article shows 5 tricks you can teach your cat today. Teaching your cat these tricks is a great way to have some bonding time together with your kitty. See the tricks below and be sure to pass these along to the cat lovers in your life who would enjoy teaching their cats some new tricks!

by Katie Finlay

#1 – Sit


Teaching your cat to sit is one of the easier tricks and it’s recommended you try this first. All you need to do is say “sit” as you lure your cat into position with a piece of food, then click and feed. A few reps and you’ll be able to lure without food and then fade out the lure.

#2 – Shake


When your cat is sitting still, gently lift one of their paws while saying “shake,” and mark and reward. Continue these repetitions until you can start fading out your physical cue (lifting of the paw) and your cat meets you there. It’s easiest if you lift the same paw each time to make the exercise more consistent for your cat and therefore easier to learn.

#3 – Come When Called


Teaching your cat to come should be simple if your cat knows and responds to their name. Make sure you use a command that you’ll be consistent with and that you’ll be able to reward each time your cat comes to you until your training is relatively finished. Simply call your cats name and say your command and mark and reward when they get to you. You might have to lure your cat over the first few times.

#4 – Fetch


To teach your cat to fetch, first find out what your cat’s favorite toy is and make sure to use that. Fetch can be taught a number of ways, but the easiest way is to throw the toy and gently take it from them, only to throw it again. Eventually, most cats find it quite fun to chase after the toy and will bring it back to you on their own.

#5 – Wave


To teach a wave, simply hold a treat in front of your cat and move it around a little bit in front of their nose, saying “wave.” or “say hi.” When your cat lifts their foot to grab the treat, mark and reward.

See the full list of tricks from here.

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