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3 Things We Do That Drive Cats Crazy!

Cats Do Not Like Us When We Do These Things

When you think about cats, they are mostly calm creatures that don’t get bothered to much by their surroundings. Sure if you own a dog or other animal that may not agree with cats, they may have a different nature about them. Most of the time though, cats are pretty laid back and only want to involve their owners when there is something they want.

This being said, there are some things that we do that can drive our feline friends absolutely nuts. The following article reveals 3 things that humans to which make cats crazy. The next time you are around your favorite kitty, try to make sure you are not doing any of these. I’m sure your relationship will improve!

See the article below and be sure to pass this along to the cat lovers in your life.

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1. Playing music too loud

Cats, with their satellite dish shaped ears, are much more sensitive to sound than we are. Because the cat’s ear is naturally designed to draw sound into the ear canal, enabling a cat to pick up the most sensitive of sounds (such as a mouse creeping across the floor) blaring music is stressful, frightening, and even painful for them. If it’s possible, move your cat to a different room if you’re going to blast the tunes. If not, turn down the volume or wear headphones.

2. Not sticking to a schedule

Cats are creatures of habit. Sticking to a strict routine helps them feel safe and confident. Studies have even shown that cats whose environment changes a lot are 1.9 times more likely to get sick that those who stick to daily routines! Keep your cat healthy and happy by sticking to the routine. Feed your cat at the same time each day, and schedule play and exercise with your cat for the same time every day. Of course, there will be times when you can’t stick to your set schedule – like during travel or if you’ve got guests in the home. Consider getting a feeder with a timer, or get a pet-sitter who will feed your cat at the same times each day.

3. Forcing them to snuggle

This is one thing that’s really hard for pet parents to resist doing! We return home from work or a long trip, having greatly missed our cats so we chase them down and force hugs on them. It’s no surprise that cats react by wiggling and squirming to get away! It seems the more you force affection on a cat, the less of it they want to give you. In fact, forced affection may drive your cat to avoid you. You’ll bond more closely with your cat by learning about cat behavior, and keeping in mind that cats are animals – not tiny four-legged humans (even if we do refer to them as our children!).


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