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12 Dogs That Cross Their Paws

These Dogs Make This Look Good!

Have you ever noticed how adorable dogs look when they cross their paws? Dogs typically cross their paws as a sign to show they are content. They also do this as a way to get comfortable when sitting or lying, which isn’t that much different from how we get comfortable. Regardless of why they cross their paws, when dogs do this, it does have a cute appeal to it.

In the spirit of crossing our paws, below are 12 beautiful pictures of dogs crossing their paws. These lovable guys sure know how to relax.

See the images below and be sure to share this with all of the dog lovers out there.

1. “I woke up like dis…FLAWLESS.”

I woke Up Like Disvia Casie Zalud

2. “Honey. We need to talk about your phone bill.”

Booksvia Imgur


3. “We back paw cross. It’s the Corgi way.”

corgivia Pinterest

4.”Heeeeeeey best fwiend everrrr. What’s that you got there? Smells like meat.”

sammyvia All Posters


5. “Where do you think you’re going? There’s still the minor issue of walkies to discuss.”

2via Instagram


6. Disapproving puppy knows that you farted in front of your friends and blamed it on the dog. For shame.

Rottweiler pup lying, paws crossedvia Warren Photographic


7. Casanova Alert!

red rose and dobermannvia Carol Roth


8. “Hey guuuuuurl. You ready for our Netflix night? Anything with a Hemsworth in it.”

Hey Guuuuurlvia Instagram


9. Moody black and white – check. Nonchalant look to the side – check.. Perfect paw to arm cross ratio – check.
Paw-cross score? Pawfect 10.


via Instagram


10.”Mah back-paw cross is better than your front paw cross any day!”

corgisvia Instagram


11. “Look hooman, I ruv you but you’ve told that joke, like, a million times. And it’s still not funny.”

oh pleasevia Instagram


12. Certificate for being really, really, ridiculously, good-looking goes to this pup.

348svia Pawsome Dogs


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